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Safedeposits Scotland

What is Tenancy Deposit Protection?

Your deposit will be lodged by us with Safedeposits Scotland approved by the Scottish Executive, who will hold it in trust for you.

At the beginning of your tenancy you will have 7 days to note any issues with the property and email us. These will then be held in your file until your move out.

This will be referred to at the end of your tenancy at the exit inspection. The best way to ensure you receive your full deposit back is to ensure you return the property to us in the same condition it was in when your tenancy started.

It is essential you return all sets of keys at the exit inspection, or before if you are not going to be present.

We try hard to resolve any exit inspection issues and reach agreement between Landlords and Tenants as quickly as possible. Once agreement is reached we can authorise release of the deposit to you. If this is not possible you will also have the chance to dispute any claim made by the landlord directly with Safe-deposits

Our residential letting agency services are provided through IE Lets Ltd, a partnership wholly associated with Independent Estates.